heavy lifting

The May issue—which hits mailboxes this week!—required some heavy lifting.

Wide angle of a male kayaker going off of a waterfall with dark, ominous clouds overhead.Writer Mike Unger and editor in chief Linda McHugh both saw a stunning photo of Great Falls in AirTran’s in-flight magazine last fall (which is why the image might look familiar to some of you). Since AU’s long been home to weekend paddlers and hard-core kayakers, we just had to have Trevor Clark’s moody image for our May magazine.

Mike soon discovered that AU has connections on both sides of the Potomac. But since Trevor’s photo of a daredevil kayaker was taken in Virginia, we featured Ahmad Toure, Kogod/BA ’09, whose “office” is on that side of the falls.

A National Park Service ranger at Great Falls Park in Virginia, Ahmad told me he uses his marketing degree every day, talking up the scenic 800-acre park to thousands of visitors. I’m sure his winning smile is good for business, too.

D13_404_047Since we had to take Ahmad’s photo in March, long before spring sprung in the Washington area, we added a little color in the form of kayaks. Photographer Jeff Watts got them most of the way to the falls in his truck, and designer Maria Jackson and I hauled them from the parking lot down to the rocky shoreline.



D13_381_002Though “heavy lifting” is not in our job descriptions, I’m happy to report that no ankles were twisted, no kayaks were nicked, and no one fell in the falls. And we got a fabulous picture.