Metrocentered is famous

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 8.32.18 AMA couple weeks ago, I received an email from Lynn Bowersox, assistant general manager, customer service, communications and marketing, for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority—otherwise known as Metro.

Turns out Lynn is an alumna (SOC/BA ’85) and occasional guest lecturer in professor Lenny Steinhorn’s public communications class—and she loves “Metrocentered.”

“We are absolutely delighted with your May issue’s focus on which Metro stops are ‘the center of your world,'” Lynn writes. ” It’s great to see people identify their community by which line they ride or by their home station.”

Check out Lynn’s post about “Metrocentered” on WMATA’s Facebook page, and share your Metro connections with us for a future issue. (Next stop: Dupont Circle.)