dance down memory lane

MLTrigilioPhoto-In our May issue we wrote about senior Lauren Alexander, who landed a ticket to an inaugural ball in January. Though it was Obama’s second inauguration, it was Lauren’s first ball and thus, a magical night. Freelance photographer and SOC master’s student Merri Lisa Trigilio documented Lauren’s transformation from college student to belle of the ball.

The article prompted this email from Bruce Taylor, ’75:

MLTrigilioPhoto-_MG_5533-4The blurb in the May 2013 issue about the student who attended this year’s ball as well as the photo with the “Magic Bus for McGovern” sign brought back memories of that election. Debbie Scopczynski, ’73, Bruce Olin, ’75, Paula Andros, ’75, Debbie’s sister Lynn, and I went to the Youth Ball in January 1973, one of four held for the second Nixon inauguration.  I believe it was held at the Hilton near Dupont Circle (not a safe area after dark in those days) and we all went down in my 1969 Rambler American. President Nixon put in an appearance and none of us had an inkling of Watergate to come.

Election fever, inauguration festivities, and presidential run-ins are part of the quintessential AU experience. Thanks, Bruce, for sharing your story!