Eagle Tales: solved

Students in the Snack Bar

We received this email from Jim Williams ’56, who spotted himself in “Eagle Tales” in the May issue of American (Jim’s the handsome guy in the letterman jacket):

You asked for identities of the “social butterflies” shown in the picture on page 41. The picture was taken in the cafe in the lower level of Mary Graydon Hall and the gentleman standing in the center is Joe Pellegrino. To his right is Dottie Brodt and sitting at the right is Barbara Bemelmans and sitting at the center is Jim Williams. I think standing at the left is Wally Ryland. I am trying to recall the name of the young lady sitting at the left, but her name currently escapes me. GO EAGLES! GO AU!

Look for a new, WAMU-themed “Eagle Tales” in the August issue.