drumroll, please…

AugCoverAfter months and months of work, we’re proud to present the August issue of American magazine. If your copy hasn’t hit your mailbox yet and you’re just itching to dig into magazine, check it out online.

Much as I love our past magazines, this is my favorite issue to date—thanks in large part to the cover. We found illustrator Hannah Lloyd on Etsy.com, an online marketplace featuring handmade arts and crafts from thousands of creative types around the globe.

And speaking of globes, that’s the search term that led us to Hannah’s illustration. We originally had something similar in mind for a story, but when we saw Hannah’s globe made of passport stamps, we immediately thought: cover.

Hannah, an artist based in the U.K., created the globe using passport stamps from 15 of the 21 countries that alumni Tara and Mike Shubbuck visited during their 420-day honeymoon. Writer Mike Unger interviewed the Shubbucks, authors of twotravelaholics.com, for this issue.

If you’re as tickled by the illustration as we are, send your best travel story to magazine@american.edu by August 31. The reader with the best—or worst!—travel tale will receive Hannah’s original artwork.