red line to Dupont Circle

D14_081_075This issue’s “Metrocentered” took us to bustling Dupont Circle where five of D.C.’s main drags (Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New Hampshire Avenues; and P and 19th Streets) meet. We had a great turnout—despite the fact that it was pushing 100 degrees on the afternoon of the shoot.

D14_081_084Thanks so much to Sam Peters, SPA/BA ’13; Eric Oliver, SIS/BA ’12; Emily Good, SOC/BA, CAS/BA ’14; Joe Flood, SIS/BA ’88; and Liza Strelka, CAS/MA ’08, for braving the heat.

Now, a few interesting facts about Dupont Circle:

  • Before the Civil War, the area that now constitutes Dupont Circle was home to a brickyard and slaughterhouse.
  • Daniel Chester French and Henry Bacon, cocreators of the Lincoln Memorial, designed the fountain, which features carvings of three classical figures symbolizing the sea, the stars, and the wind.
  • D.C.’s first gay bookstore, Lambda Rising, opened in 1974 and gained notoriety nationwide.
  • Frederick Douglass owned a row of houses on 17th Street in the Strivers’ Section, a small residential area west of 16th Street roughly between Swann Street and Florida Avenue. The Strivers’ Section was an enclave of upper-middle-class African Americans—often community leaders—in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
  • Dupont Circle is home to some of the nation’s most prestigious think tanks and research institutions, including the Brookings Institution, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the German Marshall Fund, the Center for Global Development, the Eurasia Center, and the Peterson Institute.