a doggone great picture

D14_061_021_filterI’ve never seen a cooler work space than Geoff Silverstein, Kogod/MBA ’11, and Ross Nover’s, CAS/BA ’05. The cofounders of Friendly Design Co.—featured in Lee Fleming’s startups story—work out of Canvas, an open, shared space for creative types in Dupont Circle, which boasts video games, pinball, a chalkboard wall and the sweetest espresso machine I’ve ever seen.

As soon as we walked off the elevator, designer Maria Jackson knew she wanted the dog (Canvas is a Fido friendly workplace) in the photo. Getting him to cooperate was another matter.

D14_061_010When Jeff Watts said “go,” Maria would release the dog, and I would call him over to me, so we could get him in the frame. The pup must’ve sensed I’m more of a cat person because, despite my best “here doggy, doggy,” he just kept right on going. Thankfully, despite my preference for pussy cats, we still got our shot.