a nod to Warhol

When I learned that we were profiling alumnus Alice Denney, a 91 year old lady who counts the who’s who of the pop art world among her closest friends, my first question to the editor, Adrienne Frank, was, “What does she look like?”

Adrienne didn’t have any visuals yet . . . time for me to Google! There weren’t many images of Alice, but of the ones I could find, there was no escaping her signature glasses—they were huge. So I was prepared when Alice opened the door to let “the team” into her house to take her photograph. She was wearing an enormous pair of funky glasses.

andy-warhol-marilyn-monroe-1960sAfter our brief time in her house, filled to the brim with the most wonderful and crazy art, and reading Lee Fleming’s story, it was time for me to figure out how to illustrate the article. Alice has such a long list of connections with cool artists like Jim Dine and Jasper Johns but it was the iconic Andy Warhol that jumped out at me. He’s always been one of my favorites. Everyone knows his silk screen of Marilyn Monroe—the same portrait repeated in multiple squares and in different colors. What a perfect way to show off Alice’s glasses!

denneyOnce I created my first “Alice Denney,” it was a blast experimenting with changing the color of her glasses (and her jacket, buttons, and lips). It was hard for me to stop at nine. It was nice for me to go loud and bright—and out of my comfort zone.

Although I know I’m not any kind of pop artist, it was thrilling to pretend for a little while.