next stop: Georgia Avenue/Petworth

D14_248_030_Metrocentered I know I shouldn’t choose favorites, but “Metrocentered” is one of the most fun pages in the magazine. So much work goes into it–and yet, the final product looks very natural. Based on the feedback we’ve heard from readers, “Metrocentered” is one of your favorites, too.

D14_248_050_metrocenter_groupWe just shot the Union Station “Metrocentered” last month (it was, as it often is, the last thing on our to-do list). So, it felt a little odd to be shooting another “Metrocentered” just a few weeks later!

For the April issue, we hop on the green/yellow line to the Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro, where we have alumni, staff, and a student doing some very cool stuff. We needed to shoot the image in November, as it looks more like spring now than it would if we waited until February, right before we go to press. In order to remove any trace of fall, art director Maria Jackson and I got to the location, Grant Circle, 30 minutes early to rake up all the leaves. (My job requires more manual labor than you might expect.) More than a few Petworth residents, who strolled through the park as we were feverishly raking leaves, noted that “the park service is really on top of things.”

The photo, which I’ll share with you in a few months, turned out great–and I can honestly say we left the park better than we found it.

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