bat’s out of the bag

This-I-Know_vampireSenior editor Adrienne Frank and I were in search of a good pair of vampire teeth for this issue’s “This I Know.” Our subject, Katharina Vester, teaches a class on vampire narratives. Though it’s a rigorous literature survey, Katharina was up for doing something fun with the image. So, we decided to top a stack of “required reading” with the vampire teeth.

We had to drive 40 minutes to a pop-up Halloween store in suburban Maryland to find a pair of teeth (who knew they’d be so difficult to find!).  At the checkout counter, a rubber bat caught my eye. Vampires turn into bats, right? I imagined it flying near Katharina, adding a little more life (and fun!) to the photo.

D14_207_001Of course I didn’t think it through. When I got back to the office and took the bat out of the bag, I saw that I was in trouble. The bat was very floppy and rubbery. How were we going to make it fly?







Photographer Jeff Watts to the rescue! He took the bat and disappeared for a while. He then called me in to his studio and proudly showed off his rig—there was the bat flying, waiting for its photo to be snapped.