where’s Waldo?

Untitled-1It’s hard to believe we’ve produced five issues of the redesigned magazine—enough to start seeing patterns in our work. Adrienne and I didn’t intend to be in all the Metrocentered photographs. In our first Metrocentered (Gallery Place-Chinatown), I was crossing the street behind our subjects, who made loop after loop around the intersection. Adrienne is with her 3 month old baby, Owen, waiting until the shoot was finished to thank the subjects with a $5 Starbucks card. If you look closely you can see them in the background.

xgalleryplaceWhen shooting the second Metrocentered (Columbia Heights), we thought balloons would be a cheery touch (we saw a woman with balloons when we scouted the location weeks before the shoot), so Adrienne attached some to Owen’s stroller. We knew she would be in the shot.


By the third (Dupont Circle), we decided it would be fun if both of us were in the photo but in the final image Adrienne is blocked by a subject. In the fourth (Union Station) I had to stay back to watch the subjects’ belongings.

xdupontxunionFinally, as planned, for the fifth and latest (Georgia Ave.-Petworth) we are both visible. (Though Adrienne thinks it’s pretty neat that she can document Owen’s childhood through these photos, he didn’t attend this particular shoot.) Can you spot us?

xgeorgia D14_296_048We’d love to feature your Metro stop in an upcoming issue. Email suggestions to magazine@american.edu.